618 Kent Ave SE
Suite 127
Vancouver, BC
V5X 0B1

Glass Windows, Doors, Skylight, and Solarium Replacement in Leg in Boot Square, Vancouver

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We recently completed a significant repair project in Leg in Boot Square, Vancouver, involving replacing leaking glass windows, sliding doors, skylight, and solarium with a more efficient and modern system. The old components were beyond repair, prompting the need for a complete replacement.

Old components such as glass windows, sliding doors, skylights, and solarium were removed carefully to pave the way for a new system. Meticulous planning led to the design of structural framing, energy-efficient glass windows, skylights, and large folding doors that not only addressed issues but also enhanced the ocean view. Before installation, a structural strength review was carried out by our engineers to ensure compatibility with the building.

During the installation phase of our project, we encountered several significant challenges that demanded strategic solutions. One challenge presented itself in the form of transportation logistics, particularly due to the unit’s elevated location on level 6, which created difficulties in moving materials to and from the site efficiently. Additionally, given the extended construction period of around 2 weeks, we addressed the weather protection aspect preemptively by installing a crafted tent that shielded the work area against adverse weather conditions, ensuring unhindered project progression. Moreover, the intricate task of system integration, where four distinct systems needed to seamlessly converge in the new design, required coordination and careful attention to ensure flawless functionality throughout. The successful navigation of these challenges underscored our team’s proficiency in problem-solving and adaptability in handling complex project dynamics.

In overcoming these significant challenges, our dedicated team diligently faced every obstacle with precision and determination, ultimately completing to deliver an energy-efficient glazing system. This transformative project not only bolstered energy efficiency within the space but also introduced a heightened level of aesthetic attraction and enhanced functionality. Angel Glass takes immense pride in the successful completion of this project, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence and unrivaled craftsmanship. As we move forward, continue to accompany us on our journey towards innovative horizons and upcoming projects that promise to push boundaries, redefine standards, and captivate with superior design and execution.