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  • What We Can Do with Mirrors

    Our commercial and residential mirrors company with services that includes replacement, repair, or new installation. We can replace a broken mirror panel, install new mirror panel, replace a broken mirror door, replace mirror doors hardware, repair mirror doors, replace sliding mirror doors hardware. If it is a brand new mirror system that you need we can do it all. From a new small vanity mirror wall, large gym mirror walls, bathroom mirrors, new sliding mirror doors, new folding mirror doors, closet mirror doors. Please give our office a call with your enquiry. Our receptions will take down your requests, we can either give you some quick rough pricings based on your provided information or if it is a larger project our receptions will set in an appointment for one of our estimator to come onsite and meet you to go over with the details, then the information will be brought back to our office so a proper pricing procedure can take place, once it is completed a quote sheet will be prepared for your review. So if you have a requirement from servicing to new installation please give us a call. We service the lower mainland from Vancouver east, Vancouver west, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, Coquitlam, Port Moody. Please refer to our example pictures below for more details.

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Mirror bi pass closet door hardware bottom rollers replacement
Mirror bi pass closet door hardware bottom track replacement
Mirror bi pass closet door hardware top rollers replacement

Mirror closet sliding doors brand new installation
Framed mirrors for lobby
Installed brand new black mirror wall into an elegant wedding photo store

Bathroom mirror wall
Mirrors installation for hotel restaurant
New apartment mirror wall

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