618 Kent Ave SE
Suite 127
Vancouver, BC
V5X 0B1

Case Study: Glass Canopy Installation in West Cordova Street

Site Address: 151 West Cordova Street Vancouver

Customer Name: The City of Vancouver

Job Stages:

Stage 1: Site Assessment


  • Canopy with missing & damaged glazing
  • The old glazing design had flaws which caused all the glass to break without any impact

Solution/s: Install New Glass Panels for Canopy (Material hoist required to do the job)

Solution Outline:

  1. Contacted by the city of Vancouver regarding a safety hazard caused by damaged glazing on West Cordova Street.
  2. Conducted assessment to identify the cause of the glass breakage.
  3. Designed a new canopy system with dimensions of 5.56m x 3.35m.
  4. The new canopy glass will have a combination of 12mm Lami Glass (w/ flat polish edge) and a 12mm Temp Lami Glass. 
  5. Requested a traffic closure in the area to ensure safety during installation.
  6. Used a crane crawler machine to remove damaged glass and install new panels.
  7. Utilized glass lifter, scaffolding, and roofing hooks for team safety during installation.

Stage 2: Solution Design

Proposed Glass Schedule

Scaffold Plan

Stage 5: Materials

12mm Temp Lami Glass

  • Clear Glass 
  • w/ clear 060 PVB Interlayer Film
  • Makeup – 6mm
  • Tempclr – 060
  • PVB – 6mm tempclr
  • Overall Thickness – 9/16”

Stage 5a – Machinery Setup

Crane Crawler

Glass Lifter

*used for awning and skylights 14′ reach


Roofing Hooks

*For safety harness tie-off

Traffic Closures

Stage 6: Installation

6a – Before

Damaged canopy glazing

6b – During

Removal of old damaged glazing

Glass installation using a crane crawler

Glass installation using a crane crawler

6c – After

New installed canopy glass completed as per design and looking clear and beautiful. Another successful project.