618 Kent Ave SE
Suite 127
Vancouver, BC
V5X 0B1

Angel Glass Repair Building with Efficient Glass Windows, Glass Doors, and Railings on Robson Street, Vancouver

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Angel Glass recently completed a project to upgrade a building in Robson St., Vancouver with cutting-edge windows and doors. The project aimed to address several challenges faced by the building’s old single-paned glass windows and doors, which were causing inefficiencies in energy consumption, comfort levels, and sound protection for the residents. Through careful planning, smart solutions, and commitment to quality, Angel Glass revamped the building, providing a more comfortable and sustainable living environment for the tenants.

The project presented Angel Glass with a set of complex challenges that required strategic planning and collaboration with various experts. One of the primary challenges was the need to design new sliding doors, windows, and railing systems to ensure maximum living comfort and energy conservation. Additionally, the team had to work closely with envelope engineers, structural glazing engineers, acoustic engineers, arborist consultants, and asbestos consultants to meet the stringent building codes set by the City of Vancouver.

Obtaining engineering approvals and building permits proved to be crucial milestones in the project, showcasing Angel Glass’s commitment to compliance and safety standards. To facilitate the construction process, the team utilized techniques such as mast lifters for exterior access, floor-to-ceiling scaffolding for narrow spaces, and onsite storage boxes and offices for site installers. These measures not only improved efficiency but also minimized disruption for the tenants residing in the building.

Another significant challenge encountered during the project was the presence of asbestos in the old windows and doors, requiring trained asbestos removers in proper safety gear to handle the toxic material. Additionally, the installation of heavy door frames and glass necessitated the use of specialized glass machinery to reduce the physical strain on on-site workers. Angel Glass also built hoarding walls to protect the tenants’ belongings and ensure a safe working environment during construction.

Embracing the COVID-19 pandemic as an additional challenge, the team at Angel Glass prioritized safety protocols and efficient work practices to minimize disruptions and ensure the well-being of both tenants and workers. Water pressure tests were conducted rigorously to meet design requirements, and meticulous attention was given to installing membranes and ensuring maximum base building wall jambs protection for enhanced durability.

Despite the numerous challenges encountered, Angel Glass completed the project, delivering high-quality, energy-efficient windows and doors that significantly improved the building’s living conditions. The new aluminum-framed windows and doors not only enhance energy efficiency and sound protection but also comply with the City of Vancouver’s building codes, ensuring a safe and sustainable living environment for the residents.

By overcoming various challenges with creative solutions and meticulous attention to detail, Angel Glass has transformed the building into a more comfortable, energy-efficient, and design-pleasing space for its residents. The project serves as a testament to Angel Glass’s expertise in the glass industry and its dedication to delivering exceptional results to clients.